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Hey ya'll, meet

Caroline Strange

Actor / Singer / Snake Dad


About Me

Hey, I'm Caroline! I was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska and I'm now based in NYC and Philly. I love plants, my friends, my family, and my pet snake Lil' Biddy. Basically, I live a quiet personal life and keep the drama on stage. ;) I'm funny, kind, and slightly irreverent; just think of me as kind of a sexy Muppet.  I have an an MFA from UNC-Chapel Hill's Professional Actor Training Program and a BA in Music from Western Connecticut State University.

Activism fuels my storytelling and how I experience my career. Here are a few organizations/individuals/ideas I'm either active with or care about:

The BOOST Program (With Off The Lane)

The Fled Collective

Creative Stage Collective

Anti-Racism in Theatre

Intimacy Education in Theatre

Wage Transparency in Theatre

Caroline's Acting Reel

Caroline Strange Reel Update March 2023
Utrata By Design


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